Primary & Primary Special Schools Counselling

Familyworks was established in 1999 to provide confidential counselling and training. We provide private counselling contracts to Primary Schools and Primary Special Schools across Northern Ireland. We believe in working with you to agree a bespoke service for your school, going that extra mile to ensure the young people we engage with are fully supported.

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Primary Schools Counselling

We specialise in counselling children in the primary school age group and working with their parents to create solutions.
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During COVID-19

We will continue to provide our primary school counselling to the schools who have asked us to.

Get In Contact

Use the parent referral form to make contact with your child’s counsellor.

Types of Appointment

Our appointments will be provided to parents via phone, video and instant messaging. 

During the Appointment

We’ll find out what your child’s concerns and issues are and begin to work through to solutions. 
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What Issues Can You Talk About?

Anything from anxiety or behaviour, to managing at home. We’ll help you any way we can.